Shakey Face

Starring: Alexa Gabrielle Ramirez, Mike Carreon

IMDb  |  Fantastic Fest

It’s a dark and spooky night, a young professional woman comes home early, her meetings cancelled. All she wants is to kick back with her sweetheart and order some takeout. But a strange sound coming from her boyfriend in the back room diverts her plans. These two explosive lovers get a little hot under the collar.

ShakeyFace was submitted and accepted to the 2014 Fantastic Fest bumper contest under these rules:

  • The theme this year is Trans-Human. Feel free to interpret that in whatever manner you choose. Mutants, robots, human-beast hybrids, what have you.
  • The video must be between 15 seconds and 45 seconds.
  • The last line of dialogue or narration in the video must be, “That’s fantastic!”

  • Date 2014
  • Written & Directed by James Froeschle
  • Produced By James Froeschle, Nate Locklear, Tony Bratton, Alexa Gabrielle Ramirez
  • Genre Short, Comedy, Horror, Contest